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Chocolate Swirl

Chocolate swirl: White & Brown Abstract

*All orders come with a set of 16 nails in various sizes so you do not need to worry about sizing. Leave it to us!

All nail orders come with an application kit: a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, 2 alcohol wipes, glue, nail tabs and application/ removal instructions. 

Current processing time is 3-5 working days.

*This product is made to order. Please allow up to 1 week to create your order. Orders may be fulfilled quicker but please note this is just an estimate and can take longer depending on how many orders we have at the moment.

*Paying for Special Delivery will not give you priority. Please take this into consideration before ordering.


To request this design in a different colour please add to cart and leave your request in the notes section at checkout. Be as specific as possible e.g. Pink gradient nails from dark to light. If you have multiple orders that you want to request a colour change for please include the name of each item with the colour change.

E.g. Daisy Dukes- Black base with white and pink cow print and golden flakes.

Fairy Garden- Purple and white marble with pink butterflies.