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Hello! My name is Charlize and I am a qualified nail technician specialising in acrylic, gel polish, manicures and silk & fibreglass nails.

My journey to becoming a nail technician happened very suddenly. I had attempted to do my own acrylic nails many years before but after a failed attempt I never looked at it again. Youtube videos weren't helping, I just couldn't understand the concept until years later when I decided to take a nail technician course. This was mainly due to lockdown and being unable to get my nails done. As I had free time I decided to try and do nails again.

I believe that my journey was all a part of God's plan. I wasn't ready then, but I am now! After only a couple of months my skills have increased in the most amazing way which led me to try press on nails. This was mainly due to seeing a lot of people distressed about nail salons closing and them unable to do their own nails.

Charmonroe Nails is all about women being able to enjoy small luxuries especially for those who are unable to enjoy having acrylic nails due to work, family life or other personal reasons. Press on nails give you the versatility to wear them for a few hours or up to a few weeks. 

Whatever look you would like to achieve - I would love to help you achieve it, shop with us today!