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How do I know the size I need?

We provide our press ons in a set of 16 so you are guaranteed a perfect fit!


How long do the nails stay on?

With nail glue your nails can last up to 1-3 weeks depending on the prep you undergo before application. With nails tabs you can wear them for a few days or even a few hours without damage to your nails. This is perfect for special events. We include detailed instructions with every order.


How can I avoid my nails coming off?

To avoid your nails not lasting, please make sure to follow the application instructions included with your order as this will ensure the longevity of your set. You can also apply a dehydrator and primer for better adhesion. 

You can also try using both adhesive tabs and nail glue together. Follow application instructions and apply the nail tabs. Then apply nail glue over the tabs and on the back of the nail. Press and hold the nails in place for a few seconds. 


Are the nails reusable?

Yes all our nails are reusable with proper removal.


Do you offer custom designs?

Yes we do. If you have a design idea or would like a recreation of a design you have seen, press on the custom orders tab, leave us a message and we will email you back with further instructions.

Please note that we may decline custom designs that we cannot do to the best of our ability. 


Can I make changes to a design?

Yes. To request a design in a different colour please add to cart and leave your request in the notes section at checkout. Be as specific as possible. If you have multiple orders that you want to request a colour change for please include the name of each item with the colour change.


How many nails come in each set?

All sets come with 16 nails.


Can I order extra nails or a replacement if my nail breaks?

Yes. We provide a replacement nail option. Please press on the essentials tab.


What comes with my nails?

All nail orders come with an application kit: a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, 2 alcohol wipes, glue, nail tabs and application/ removal instructions.